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I will probably never visit a Norwegian dentist again...

I am so pleased....
... that i took the decision to get dental treatment in Poland.
I first took contact with Godenta and Reinhard Pletzer which reccomended this clinic and the dentist Michał Wierzbicki for my treatment.
I was sceptical at first, going to a new country for such a big treatment. But i figured , not beeing able to smile for such a long time and how Norwegian dentist have mistreated my teeth in the past.
I now know i had nothing at all to be afraid off.

I came to a nice looking building, polite staff, they had a form in my own language. Much more up to date equipment than we have in Norway.
And Michał was a very good dentist. Reinhard even met up to check that everything went okay on my first appointment. That was very nice of him to do so. I got 10 Porcelain crowns in upper jaw and 10 in the lower, and some fixing of caries. My bite is so much better now!!

I can highly recommend this clinic to everyone i know. I think they might have some new patients in store because of me too.
I will probably never visit a Norwegian dentist again. Can not be compared at all. ( I have been to many)
Thank you so much, Thank you Michał for giving me my smile back. I feel like a whole new person with much more confidence.
I hope i was not a to bad pasient, i know i was a bit scared. But its just because it has been such a while since i have been to the dentist and do not like pain haha.
I wish i could add before and after picture here, but maybe i can do so in comments.

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I want to thank you for very good help...

Hello Reinhard!
I want to thank you for very good help and service over the years I have visited Gdansk. I am very satisfied with my last visit to Gdansk too, and with - Projekt Usmiech (PROJECT SMILE). The dentist, Mischiek (Maciej Przeniosło) and his crew were very kind and skilled, and I am really pleased with their work. You have my permission to tell them.
Best regards from Leif F.

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Danke für die gute Betreuung vor Ort!

Hallo Herr Pletzer, Danke für die gute Betreuung vor Ort! Ich bin sehr zufrieden damit, wie der Oberkiefer nun aussieht, allerdings habe ich Zahnschmerzen rechts oben gekriegt. Im letzten Zahn, der auch schon bei der Behandlung ziemlich empfindlich war.

......Vielen Dank, heute war alles in der Post! Ich schicke alles ein, und falls sie dort noch irgendetwas brauchen, würde ich mich wieder melden. Aber vielleicht ist die Kasse ja auch zufrieden mit den ganzen Papieren. Grüssen Sie bitte Igor noch mal - der Zahn ist jetzt endlich nett zu mir und ich lache im Prinzip von Morgen bis Abend, das macht jetzt wieder Spass!.....I

My mother is extremely satisfied..

...with the treatment as she felt no pain. We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends :)  Projekt Usmiech was far more modern than any dentist office I´ve been to in Norway and I appreciated how much he explained to us about the progress. Thank you again for all your help :)

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Hello again....

At home, after six successful days in Poland. I visited the dental clinic for two days,..... Luckily enough my upper jawbone wasn”t hurt, therefore the implantat screw could be mounted at once. Now my next visit to the dental clinic will be after 6 months, according to Igor Foltyn........ So far I am so satisfied. The whole staff of the clinic were such nice people....

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Hej Reinhard....

...och tack så mycket för allt.Jag är mycket nöjd med allting. Innan kunde jag inte tugga med baktänderna, bara med framtänderna och nu kan jag allt detta utan några problem.Jag kan till och med bita i ett äpple utan problem,helt underbar. Det finns inget negativt att säga.Fortsätt med det och ni komma att får ännu flera patienter att tar hand om. Många hälsningar,även till Tandpersonalen Dieter A... Sverige

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First of all I thank you for your assistance.....

...during my recent visit without which the trip would have been much more difficult. I certainly have recovered from my last treatment although in fairness there was little to recover from although I do miss my back teeth but understand that they had to go. I long for the day that I can enjoy chewing on a good steak again but that day is getting closer. Thank you for the attachments however from your comments, these cannot be filled in until the treatment is complete so we can worry about those a little closer to that date. I look forward to seeing you again next year and in the meantime hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. Could you also please pass on my Seasons Greetings to all the staff at Miladent who were involved in my treatment.
Best regards, Richard.

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