• ..I will probably never visit a Norwegian dentist again...

    I am so pleased that i took the decision to get dental treatment in Poland.
    I first took contact with Godenta and Reinhard Pletzer which reccomended this clinic and the dentist Michał Wierzbicki for my treatment.
    I was sceptical at first, going to a new country for such a big treatment. But i figured , not beeing able to smile for such a long time and how Norwegian dentist have mistreated my teeth in the past.
    I now know i had nothing at all to be afraid off.

    I came to a nice looking building, polite staff, they had a form in my own language. Much more up to date equipment than we have in Norway.
    And Michał was a very good dentist. Reinhard even met up to check that everything went okay on my first appointment. That was very nice of him to do so. I got 10 Porcelain crowns in upper jaw and 10 in the lower, and some fixing of caries. My bite is so much better now!!

    I can highly recommend this clinic to everyone i know. I think they might have some new patients in store because of me too.
    I will probably never visit a Norwegian dentist again. Can not be compared at all. ( I have been to many)
    Thank you so much, Thank you Michał for giving me my smile back. I feel like a whole new person with much more confidence.
    I hope i was not a to bad pasient, i know i was a bit scared. But its just because it has been such a while since i have been to the dentist and do not like pain haha.
    I wish i could add before and after picture here, but maybe i can do so in comments.

  • I'm a patient of dr Wierzbicki for a few years now...

    ...I've always been very happy with the treatment, allways painless and in a nice atmosphere. Now in the new clinic beside professional health care there comes impressive interiors and equipment from the top shelf!

    The prices for this standard are really not high!

  • I'm very happy with my treatment,..

    ...the doctor Michał Wierzbicki, professionally extracted my whisdom tooth , explained everything , and what is most important it was fast and painless!!

  • I would really like to recommend....

    ...dr Michał Wierzbicki, I found dr Michał after visiting a lot of dental offices, finally here I found professional and care i needed. Now the doctor takes care of my whole family. Michał provided us with complex care, my brother had an implant,I had a painless whisdom tooth extraction. Now I can enjoy a beautifull smile thank to dr Wierzbicki. I would like to recommend dr Michal one more time!

  • I had a dental implant done....

    ... by the doctor. The whole procedure was painless and short, about 20 minutes , done in a nice atmosphere and really professional.The Crown on the implant is perfect, like my own teeth!! I will not change my doctor for sure! The prices are not to high, for this standard really great!!!

  • Michal was great,....

    ...he saved my tooth that was planned for extraction by other doctors, he did a secondary root canal treatment and everything went perfect and i'm enjoying my saved tooth for some time now! Really worth the price.

  • I would like....

    ...to recommend Michal. Great professional, and careing. I had my teeth done half a year ago, I flew in from Ireland for my treatment and am really happy about it.