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Your information is needed to offer you a dental treatment. If you don't want to send us your information, don't fill in this contact-form. That's your "opt-in/opt-out" version according to the new General Data Protection Regulation" "GDPR" in the EU/EAA. See more below.

Tannskjema: Please describe your teeth problems number by number. Download pdf

The protection of your data has been always very important for us, the 25.05.2018 will not change much in our behaviour, but the way how to explain it to you will be different and more complicated for us.
According to the 2018 EU/EAA General Data Protection Regulation we only save the part of your data, which is necessary for your treatment.
We save your data on our own hardware and on the hardware of the treating dentists. In no way your data will be shared by GODENTA and the clinics with 3rd party companies or stored in any "cloud" devices.
As well we will not share any of your data with any so called "Social media companies" like Facebook and others, unless you will give us a written allowance to do so.
Please take a look at our "Data Protection Declaration" here.
Like anyone from the staff of the dental clinics I'm obliged to keep secret about the details of a patient's treatment.

We store your information and data on our hardware only as long as it is necessary for your treatment and guarantee time.
Over the guarantee time we will let your data undeleted for another 2 Years
as it could occur that the dentists will prolongate your guarantee time in special cases on the base of some kind of "Gentleman's agreement"

If you don't want us to get your information, please don't send us this contact form.

At any time you could send us a request to deliver all electronical stored data by us to You and/or delete it from our hardware.
However you have to be aware that we have to keep national rules of storing several of your data for the national health administration or invoices for the national tax offices.

Generally your treatment files should be kept for 20 Years.

Cookies: We are using cookies only from Google to monitor the traffic on our websites.

Soon we will publish our contract with Google about the GDPR conform data protection here:
Declaration of Data Protection

In no way we could be made responsible what your email provider, your internet provider, our mail provider or the NSA,CIA,KGB.... will do with your illegally fetched data and recorded emails.
GODENTA, Dental Professionals of Gdansk
Reinhard Pletzer, Patient Relation Manager
and the Dental clinics HAPPY SMILE, GRAND DENTAL

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One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick.

GODENTA Reinhard Pletzer

Independent patient relation manager
for patients from abroad

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