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    Warranty for dental services at Projekt Uśmiech (Project Smile) Dental Centre

    At our clinic we make every effort to ensure the performed treatment provides you with many years of satisfaction.
    Since we put trust in the high qualifications and experience of our team, cooperating dental laboratories and the quality of dental materials we use, all our services are covered by a warranty.


      A 1-year warranty covers fillings made of light-cured materials (composites) in case of damage, breakdown of the seal between the filling and the tooth or sec¬ondary caries.
      The filling is replaced without any extra charge.

      A 2-year warranty covers endodontic treatment performed entirely at our clinic provided that the anatomical structure of the root system allows it to be filled properly and the root tip is not surrounded by any inflammatory lesions (confirmed by X-ray made upon treatment completition).

The warranty does not cover:

♦ Discolorations of composite fillings caused by tobacco smoking or intake of highly colouring food.
♦ A necessary re-treatment of a restored tooth due to pulp inflammation or pulp decay, root tip inflammation, trauma, periodontitis or other factors beyond the control of the dentist.
♦ Endodontic re-treatment of teeth with root tip lesions
♦ Teeth whitening effects


    "Project Smile", Projekt Uśmiech Dental Centre grants warranties also for prosthetic treatments. In this field, warranties are granted for a period of 2 or 3 years depending on the covered treatment:
    ♦ A full denture and a cast partial are covered by a warranty of a maximum period of 2 years
    (in case of no lower denture/absent individual teeth, the warranty period shall be limited to 6 months only.
    However should these dental deficiencies be restored, the warranty is extended to 2 years)
    ♦ Fixed prosthodontics (crowns and bridges) in case a damage occurs despite the proper use of dental prostheses, defects in materials and laboratory work are covered by a 3-year warranty

  • The warranty does not cover:

    ♦ Compromised appearance of restorations caused by recession, overgrowth or growth of gums.
    ♦ Discoloration of acrylic or composite restorations caused by tobacco smoking or the intake of highly colouring food
    ♦ Dental pulp decay of a crowned tooth, tooth loss due to root tip inflammation, traumas or periodontitis
    ♦ Compromised appearance and stabilisation of restorations due to the recession of tissues at the prosthetic base related to aging or other factors beyond the control of the dentist.
    ♦ Mechanical damage to dental prostheses resulting from traumas, para-functional habits or improper use
    ♦ Mechanical interference into the dental prostheses by other dentists, assistants, technicians or the Patient himself
    ♦ Partial reconstruction of absent teeth resulting in an implant overload in the restored dental area


    At our clinic we perform over 400 highly effective implant insertion procedures a year. The implants we insert are under a 10-year warranty (surgical part). The warranty period for the implant-based prosthetic reconstruction is 3 years. Depending on the implant system selected by the Patient, the producer grants a specified warranty for mechanical damage to the implant (fractured or cracked). Should complications occur, the implant be rejected or the materials used prove defective, we insert another implant free of charge.

  • Warranty Terms:

    The inserted implant integrates (grows into) the bone and is surrounded with gum, just like a natural tooth is. If implants are exposed to the bacteria present in dental plaque, the gum surrounding the implant becomes inflamed.
    Chronic inflammation caused by dental plaque on teeth and implants results in bone recession and tooth/implant loss.
    New teeth attached to implants will last long only in the patients who undertake to maintain the best oral cavity hygiene regime.
    Neglecting the hygiene may cause bone inflammation and loss of the implant, which equals to the withdrawal from the warranty terms.
    The warranty shall be considered valid so long as the Patient attends obligatory follow-up visits every 3 months in the first year and every 6 months in the following years


    The result of an in-office bleaching / whitening of teeth strongly depends on the conditions of your teeth.
    No one can predict how long the effect will last. It depends on the patient's habits. Smoking, consuming of "colorful" substances like red wine, coffee, tea... could have a significant influence.
    Therefore there's no provide any guarantee for this kind of esthetic treatment.      

    Veneers / Caps
    The recommended way of doing veneers is to prepare the concerned teeth and the technician will make the veneers out of porcelain in a complicated burning process.
    In this case we provide a 2 year guarantee.
    For veneers made in the office from composite material we cannot give the patient any guarantee for how long they will last.


    The warranty shall be granted under the condition that the Patient accepts and follows the comprehensive treatment plan as recommended in its entirety and attends follow-up visits during which scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation and dental check-ups shall be performed.

  • The warranty does not cover:

    ♦ Temporary dental prostheses (inserted on a prepared tooth for the time it takes a technician to make the accurate prosthesis)
    ♦ Work performed on specific request of the Patient, who has been informed the given procedure is under a limited warranty or not covered by the warranty
    ♦ Milk teeth treatment
    ♦ Crown fracture in-between endodontic treatment visits
    ♦ Alveolar osteitis (alveolar bone inflammation) after tooth extraction, also known as the 'dry socket' (frequent in tobacco smokers)
    ♦ Crown fractures in teeth after a root canal procedure that have not been restored
    ♦ Accidents
    ♦ In case of co-existing generic diseases that affect the masticatory function (diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, post-irradiation condition and treatment with use of cytotoxic agents).