How to get an appointment at the dental clinics

First of all your information is required. Please describe your dental problems. Send original offers or x-rays to us. The more information, the better, it could help the dentists in Gdansk to provide you with an alternative offer.

If you have an offer from your dentist at home

dentist offers
If you already have an offer from your dentist at home, that's great. Send it to us (Gdansk) or the chosen dentists in another City. As long as it is accurate (often it is not), the dentists in Poland will prepare and send you an alternative offer and time estimation for your treatment.
Don't hesitate to send us the original offer in your language. We will have no problem understanding it. If we have problems understanding it we will let you know. The common form of communication with the dentist during the treatment will likely be in English, or Polish of course. In some cases they also speak German.
Many services are included in the prices of dental clinics in Poland. Examples: The removal of old crowns and bridges often will not be charged. Anesthesia is mostly included as well as taking x-rays. Some temporary crowns and fillings will not be charged, and so on.... Alternatives to the original proposal might also be suggested. This is how the offer from the dentist in Poland could look different to the offer you got from the clinic at home.

Panoramic X-Ray

Panoramic x-ray
It would be very helpful if you could provide us with a current (less than 6 months old) panoramic x-ray. Small x-rays could help a little bit but cannot give the dentists a general overview of the actual situation of the entire jawbones. If you would like to get implants, our dentists cannot decide in advance if your bone condition will allow setting implant screws. Sometimes "bone-grafting" measurements have to be undertaken and sometimes it would not be possible to set implants.
We know that in many countries abroad taking panoramic x-rays (as shown in the picture above) can be quite expensive, if the dentists can even do it. For example taking x-rays in Norway will generally pay the flight to Poland. In most Polish clinics taking x-rays will cost you nothing or a very low amount. By the way, sometimes your home dentist will refuse to release you your x-ray. Don't accept this behaviour, you paid for it, so he is obliged to give it to you. Hopefully in a digital way.
Many dentist offices abroad don't have the most modern equipment and therefore no device for taking pamoramic x-rays. They are using small x-ray devices which could show only a single tooth, its neighbours maybe, but could never give an overview about the entire situation of you jawbones. These small x-rays could be helpful in some way, but cannot give the dentists a general overview about the actual situation of all your teeth.

Describe the actual situation of your teeth

Dental chart
If you have neither an offer nor a panoramic x-ray, then please try to describe the actual situation of your teeth using the numbers of a dental-chart. Of course this could not replace a panoramic x-ray and the personal examination in the dentist office, but it could help the dentists to provide you with a rough cost estimation. Download the dental chart here :
There could be differences in the counting system of teeth. Our partner clinics are using an international accepted numeration system and we are asking our patients to use the same system. However you could send us your information in the system your dentist is using but we should be sure that we are talking about the same teeth.
Do it tooth by tooth, also the conditions of neighbouring teeth could be important. Of course this could not replace a panoramic x-ray and the personal examination in the dentist office, but it could help the dentists to provide you with a rough cost estimation. For example: nr.14 broken vertically, nr.45 missing, nr.34 extracted, when ??, ......

Pictures of your dental situation

Photos of your dental situation
Especially if esthetic treatments are required even an x-ray could not help the dentists a lot. Your teeth might be healthy but you would like to change the color, size or bring them in line? Send us your photos. The clinics could make some suggestions.
It will be rather difficult to give you a quote for esthetic treatments like Veneers / Caps in advance without any information. Taking and sending us photos of your teeth could be very helpful to solve the problem. Carefully describe your wishes.
Different versions of veneers are available. There are composite veneers made by the dentist in the office. This is a cheap but maybe not satisfying solution in esthetical sense. These "plastic caps" may break easily, it's not a long lasting and professional solution. Real porcelain veneers should be made by a dental technician.

General information about prices for dental treatments

photo price-list
Of course there will be price differences between the clinics and the cities in Poland. Generally all costs in a city like Warsaw or Krakow are higher than in Gdansk. The wages for the employees are higher, the real-estate prices are several times higher. Small towns out of the main tourist areas could have lower prices. But small, low budget clinics could send you somewhere else in Town to take a panoramic x-ray.
It could occur that you will see the prices offered in this catalogue and then after checking the Polish websites of the clinic you could recognize price differences. That's easy to understand : Appointments should be adjusted to the short time a patient from abroad could stay in Town. Dentists will have to change their timetables. Dental technicians have to be instructed and often additionally paid for preparing crowns and bridges in the short given time. Many positions of an offer should be paid extra by Polish patients, which are generally included in the offered prices for patients from abroad.
In many dental clinics in Poland several services like examinations, taking x-rays, anesthesia, removing of old crowns and bridges... are free for patients from abroad. Read the offers of the dentists very carefully to get a realistic price comparison.


Guaranty card
Each clinic will have slightly different terms and conditions concerning their guarantee. Please refer to their pages in this catalogue. Generally the dentists are providing the same or even longer guarantee terms than obligatory in the EU. Example: Normally no clinic will give you a guarantee that an implant root will properly integrate to the jawbone. Most Polish clinics however will refund you the price of the first implantation attempt partly or completely.
In the European Union there are existing numerous different health insurance systems. Generally you should get the same refund from the insurance like you would have been treated in your home (EU) country. Please ask your insurance company for detailed information before planning a "medical" trip abroad.
The Norwegian HELFO system. It's like a handbag of a Women. Who know's what is inside. Many of the dentists presenting themselves on their pages are fullfilling the needed qualifications, but depending on the region and branch of HELFO the requirements could be rather different, however the rules should be clear.


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